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Welcome to PhilatelyFDC~

The website of my personal collection of Malaysian thematic philately, concordant first day covers and postal history.

A Warm Welcome~

A very warm welcome to my website of with my nickname of MY PHILATELY.

I would like to start off my introduction with few philately definitions:-

Thematic philately or topical philately is a big term referring to collection of postage stamps, postal stationery, first day covers, cancellations(postmarks) and other philately materials relating to a particular subject or topic(theme).

It refers to postal cancellation(postmark) matching the location, name or theme of particular first day cover issue.

SHARING IS CARING.I am philately collector with special interest in collecting concordant first day covers for certain themes, such as sports, train, school, etc. The main purpose of me creating this blog page is to share my personal collections of certain Malaysian thematic philately issues, concordant first day covers(FDCs) and few postal history. I start collecting FDCs since my primary school days influenced by my classmates. Since then I start to acquire such wonderful hobby and with years and years of experience I became more focus on my philately collection. Of note, I am definitely not a dealer.

I consider Malaysian philatelic issues very interesting and unique. Malaysia is a developing Commonwealth multiracial topical country located in Southeast Asia. Hence Malaysian philatelic issues mostly reflect our unique flora and fauna, elements of our multiethnic culture as well as our colourful social livelihoods. Like other philately collectors, I do collect other countries FDCs as well but end of the day Malaysian FDCs is still my first choice! Undoubtedly the main reason is that I can always have hands on it!

PHILATELY AND LIFEI am in early middle age group. So like others within the same age group, it is the critical and the busiest period for my job as well as my family. With only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, I really have very little time for this amazingly “time-consuming” hobby. Nevertheless, it is the hobby that keep my life on! It is the hobby that make my mind open, make my seoul relax, make me more patient and become a more organised person, and definitely make me know my lovely country better! May be those are the phenotypes of philatelists: male, middle to golden age, history experts, wearing spectacles, good looking and most importantly patriotic! Another point I wanted to highlight is that philately especially FDCs is an important history recorders as well. It records down those important moments in the country and society. Unfortunately, some people said it is an extinguishing hobby……

Well, life is unpredictable. Be it an extinguishing or evolving hobby, it is my wonderful hobby. With my tight working schedule in addition to the unpredictable stamps issuing date, I tried my very best occasionally to make my own concordant FDCs collection for few of my favourite stamp issues. Those covers with the watermark “philatelyfdc EXCLUSIVE” are the concordant FDCs made by myself. I can’t wait to share the beauty of the arts with you~~Stay tuned and enjoy reading! I really welcome any comments, critics and suggestions from you.

REFERENCE Throughout the journey, I encounter many friends and really appreciate yours guidance. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge 1) Mr Steven Tan for your excellent well organised and comprehensive Standard Catalogue of Malaysia Stamps, Revenue Stamps & Postal Stationery 1st Edition, and also 2) Mr KY Shum for your brilliant philatelic blog, and last but not least 3) Pos Malaysia for providing quality postal service and philatelic field to Malaysian.

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